Wednesday 11 June 2014

Puff Puff? Pass

I didn't quite finish the puzzle last night, so I'm posting this on my lunch break. I'll try to keep it brief.

I was almost completely finished this puzzle a few days early this week, actually, save for a few clues. A few entries in each puzzle always scream out for a bit of devious wordplay, and I like to let those simmer a bit in the old brainpan to minimize the chances of missing a perfect cluing opportunity. In the end, I didn't come up with anything too terribly clever for this puzzle, but I'm still glad I didn't rush it and overall I suppose I'm happy with how it turned out.

Also, I've been smoke-free for one week and I couldn't be happier about it. 10/10, would recommend. I'd like to say I was motivated by health concerns, or financial concerns, or even aromatic concerns, but, while these were certainly concerns of mine, it was a new romantic interest that finally pushed me past the tipping point. Ladies love the buttless chaps, after all.

Oh, and lastly this looks cool so I think I'll attend and you should too. Still need to finalize plans with my travel companion, but the outlook is very good.

More words, crossed and otherwise, two weeks hence.

Puzzle: Freestyle #35


Chris Popp said...

Loved it - thanks! Lots of great entries, but if pushed my favorite would be 21A. Loved the clue on 34D - took me a while to suss out, but then helped me finish the solve.

Anonymous said...

Too much knowledge required to complete this puzzle.

How is tio the answer for "No mas!"?


Anonymous said...

Tio answer just hit me. Good clue.

e.a. said...

so much good stuff in here, but nothing made me smile more than "buttless chaps"

Anonymous said...

Good puzzle