Sunday 16 November 2014

Show Us What Ya Got

We're now taking submissions for the Indie 500 tournament! The 5 organizers (Andy, Erik, Evan, Neville, and myself) will each write a puzzle, but the sixth one will be by one of you. We're open to pretty much anything, but the only caveat is that you must be suitably indie. Our idea of indie is explained in more detail over at the tournament site. Hit up the SUBMIT page for all the info. And be sure to drop us a line on the CONTACT page if you haven't already; we'll add your name to the mailing list and keep you up to date.

Got another vowelless for you today. As always, two versions are available: one with answer lengths given and one without. And Y is not a part of any answer. Enjoy!

More words, crossed and otherwise, whenever I get around to it.

PDF (with answer lengths)
PUZ (with answer lengths)
PDF (no hints)
PUZ (no hints)
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