Wednesday 25 June 2014

Slipping and Sliding

A thousand apologies, but no puzzle this week. I'll try to get one up by the weekend, but no guarantees. Reasons include: surprise road trip to the twin cities over the weekend, crazy week at work, gig on Friday, long weekend and possible camping this weekend, and summer in general. Luckily, my man Erik Agard has you covered with a three-puzzle meta suite.

Thanks to the Minnesota puzzle crew for a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon nerd-out and tournament, and special thanks to the wonderful Andrew Ries for putting us up and putting up with us after a long day's drive on Friday night. The puzzles at the tournament were all top-notch, and the people were even better. I particularly enjoyed the one by Andy Kravis and the final themeless punisher by Victor Barocas. You can purchase all 7 puzzles for only $5 here:

Since the schedule here is so unpredictable, you might want to consider joining the Google group by clicking on the link in the menu to the right. That way you'll never miss a puzzle.

More words soon...