Wednesday 9 April 2014


Finally got this puzzle done! Wrestled with this grid for a long time, and made some large-scale last-minute changes to the bottom half yesterday. Kind of got burnt out cluing this one and wasn't feeling as inspired as I sometimes am, so forgive me if you find it a little dry and maybe on the easy side. The pdf comes in two flavours today: large print 2 pages and small print 1 page.

Oh, and this one has nothing to do with castles or chess, just a plain old freestyle.

More words, crossed and otherwise, next week.

Puzzle: Freestyle #32
PDF (one page)
PDF (two pages)


Tom said...

Just curious -- why the extra black square border? For aesthetics?

Bananarchy said...

Partly. This grid actually started out much smaller, with the 3 17-letter across entries. However, I was having trouble getting good surrounding fill, and the black square count skyrocketed and didn't look much like a themeless anymore. I noticed that I could more or less keep the internal fill but extend the top and bottom to get some mid-sized stacks, so I did that. Since at this time I didn't know how big it would get, I just opened up a 25x25 empty grid and started building out from the center. I did convert it to the proper size once I was finished, but preferred the look of the grid with the black border so ended up using that one.

Tom said...

Cool backstory, thanks for sharing. I had fun with the puzzle.