Wednesday 16 April 2014

Watch Rick and Morty's a darn good show, I've recently learned. Concluded binge-watching the 11-episode run while making the grid for this puzzle. Funny stuff and it starts to wade in some heavier and darker waters later in the season. Highly recommended.

Just another vowelless this week. Trying to make the clues more fair and straight-forward and the grid more diabolical and deceptive than the last as always. Inspired by all the sci-fi cartoons, I was thinking of trying out some alternate dimensions for this puzzle. However, I remembered that Erik Agard has been approaching his goal of a sub-10 solve on these (ridic!) and I'd hate to mess with his progress. So 15x15 it is. Regular symmetry because I'm lazy.

You know the drill: no Y in any answer.

More words, crossed and otherwise, next week.

UPDATE: the original files I posted had a few errors. They've since been corrected and reposted. Carry on.

Puzzle: Vowelless #10
PDF (no hints)
PUZ (no hints)
PDF (with lengths - easier)
PUZ (with lengths - easier)

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Bencoe said...

I've done under 10 minutes on one of these, but it is by no means a regular thing.

oeuftete said...

I looked back and I see I did the last one in 10 minutes flat. This one, nowhere near. That was hard, and I think it's the first one where I had a number of entries where I didn't ever figure out the voweled phrase, including an error I made at 11D/28A. (I figured out 11D once I saw the error... still no idea what 28A is supposed to be.)

Bencoe said...

Yeah this one was tough. Didn't help that there was a mistake for 28A's clue in the tough Across Lite version (don't know about the others). It should read "a system with NO purpose other than to sustain itself"--the lack of the word "no" really threw me. SPOILER ALERT: The term is "self-licking ice cream cone."