Monday 23 December 2013

100 years young

Today's small 100-square puzzle was inspired by thisthis, and this. Oh, but especially lack of time. Busy with work, shopping, mead bottling (turned out damn fine and just in time for the festive season), and a gig with my band Buffalo Narrows this last week. The latter was a lot of fun, and not only because it was the first gig I had played in over a month. It was great because a lot of friends showed up and the place was packed, but mostl because Edmonton-based harmonica phenom and beloved member of the Buffalo Narrows extended family James Anderson dropped by totally unannounced and unexpected to sit in. And by sit in I mean steal the show, because that's just what he does. Case in point, check him out in the clip below.

Rock on James. Anyway, thanks for stopping in, and merry whatever-you-feel-like-celebrating-this-week.

More words, crossed and otherwise, next Tuesday

**Update, 12/27 - there was an error in 19-down. It has since been corrected, and those responsible have been sacked

Puzzle: Freestyle #25
Rating: XW-PG
Difficulty: Not too bad
PDF (no PUZ this week, because apparently Across Lite only supports black squares, and not bars)


e.a. said...

absolutely delightful to solve. learned something new at both 1a and 1d. first answer in the grid was 14a.

Bananarchy said...

Thanks! Thought you might enjoy 14A. Always makes me laugh, anyway, so at midnight before the puzzle's supposed to drop it seemed like a pretty easy cluing option.

Tyler said...

Haven't solved it yet, but if you can export a JPZ, that would support bars.

Bananarchy said...

Good to know! JPZ link added. It seems that either my browser or dropbox wants to open it as either an xml or text file, but right-clicking and selecting "save link as..." should work. Might have to change the file extension if your browser/OS wants to change it.

jefe said...

LOLed at 30D, though it took me a while to get it.