Monday 9 December 2013

Grind, back to the

So I'm pretty excited about this Kickstarter project. Friday noon is the high point of the week, week after week, for me, and if this doesn't deliver some marvelous mind-melting multi-meta merriment I'll be very surprised. Can't wait.

Not much else to say this evening, so I'll keep it short. Feeling pretty tapped out from my first day back at the office after a much-needed staycation last week.

Today's puzzle is a plain-old 70/32 (vowelful) freestyle. Maybe something a little different next week; we'll see.

More words, crossed and otherwise, next Tuesday

Puzzle: Freestyle #24
Rating: XW-14A
Difficulty: Hard, probably?


e.a. said...

too far. nice bottom row entry/clue.

Ada Nicolle said...

Us Canadians don't say oot and aboot, eh? That's the Scottish!

Unknown said...
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J.Bisch said...

I think trying to include the names of one porn star and one heavy metal vocalist every week would be a noble goal.

Great puzzle--really excited to have a good themeless to look forward to every week.

Bananarchy said...

Fellow Canadian here, The CruciNERDalist, and I completely agree! I get a kick out of the ridiculous and unfounded stereotypes about us, though, and plus that phrase is just fun to say and looks neat in the grid, imo. Btw, I understand you started a blog a while back with the same name as mine?