Saturday 12 September 2015

Freely Styled

Whipped up this grid a few weeks ago just for yuks and finally got around to cluing it. Enjoy!

Freestyle #38


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back. I was worried about you ;)

Clay said...

I've never seen a comment with so much urban slang! Great puzzle, very hard. Took my wife, and I, and much googling to finish. What a workout!

Mikie in Houston said...

Enjoyed the heck out of your Freestyle #38, though my prime as far as cutting-edge slang goes has been gone for many moons, I was able to pound the puzzle into submission in about an hour, over 2 sittings. Been looking for difficulty and out-of-the-rut-ness, and found it, will be working the earlier ones going backwards. Thanks!

bilgewaterNY said...

This is a great puzzle! It's challenging, but it's doable and a great change of pace.

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