Friday 26 December 2014

Trigger Warning

Happy holidays everybody. I posted a pretty tough meta puzzle last week, and between then and yesterday morning 21 answers were submitted for the Anny Get Your Gun meta contest puzzle; 19 of them were correct. If you're wondering about the intended answer, head over to the Meta Solutions page.

I randomly selected one of the correct entries, and it turned out to belong to Dominick Talvacchio. You'll recall that I was offering a 2015 indie puzzle subscription as a prize; Dominick made a wise choice (I'm pretty there isn't an unwise one though) and opted for a subscription to Matt Gaffney's Weekly Crossword Contest. Congrats to Dominick and all solvers, and thanks to everyone for taking part! I'm working on another meta right now and I should have it up in the next week or so. Sorry, I work a lot slower now than I used to.

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