Wednesday 14 May 2014

I Am The Walrus?

New puzzle day!

...however, I've decided to scale back operations a bit here. Beginning this week, I'll be posting puzzles fortnightly rather than weekly. Join the Google Group if you'd like to have the puzzles mailed out to you. Link to the right, or right here, I guess. I hope you don't mind. I've simply got too many things on the go at the moment, and summer is fast approaching to boot. I'm raising my standards for these puzzles all the time, and consequently it takes me a lot longer to write them. Well, it takes a little longer, but I agonize over picky little details, the validity of certain answers, whether or not I've gone too far with a clue, etc. In the end I'm still rarely completely happy with the puzzles, but I then probably never would be. Point is, this all adds up to more time than I generally have/want to devote to constructing as of late, so fortnightly it is.

This weekend, a long one for us, I'll be attending my first ever Lebowski Fest. It'll likely be a small one, but should be a hoot. Plus, looking at list of attendees on the Facebook event, it turns out I have more Achievers in my circle of friends than I realized, so I should be in good company. Sadly, though, two of my closest Lebowski-loving compadres, Drew and, believe it or not, Donnie, are out of town. Anyway, I just heard about it and I need to whip up a costume toot suite. I've got the hair and the build for Jesus, but no purple leisure suit, alas. Maybe Smokey? Who else has long hair in the movie? If I didn't have hair at all I'd definitely have to go as Knox Harrington, the video artist.

Anyway, today's puzzle is tough as nails. Tried to go Newsday Stumper hard on this one; see how you make out. I was having some fun with the cluing...maybe too much fun in some cases. Hope it's at least fair.

More words, crossed and otherwise, in two weeks.

Puzzle: Freestyle #34


Dan said...

Glad to have your puzzles any time you want to make them!

Bencoe said...

Good puzzle, fun clues!

Spambot said...

Thanks for the shout out. :-)

Joel said...

Forgive my nit-picking, but shouldn't the clue at 53D be "Dost state?"

In any case, thanks for all the puzzles I've enjoyed without commenting and I look forward to more whenever you're able to do them.

Chris Popp said...

Really enjoyable challenge. The long entries here are uniformly terrific. Thanks - puzzles this good are worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

fun clues
My time (26:00) was in line with my NYT Fridays.