Tuesday 4 February 2014

...and we're back

Sorry again for the late puzzle. Things have been crazy around here lately, and I was having a bit of clue-writer's-block over the weekend to boot.

I'm keeping this post short, but I would be remiss to not mention what promises to be a fabulous new addition to the indie puzzle scene. My man Evan Birnholz (who you may know from such publications as "20 under 30", the NYT, and the WSJ) has just launched the fortnightly Devil Cross with a bold and spicy freestyle. Do it!

Oh, and I think this week's puzzle is pretty tough. Went Stumper tough with some sections initially, but soften a few clues here and there so hopefully it's doable. Oh, and I noticed a dupe (same word in there twice) in the grid after it was too late to change. Oh well, it's not the same entry twice, just the same word in two entries. I just hope it doesn't diminish your enjoyment of the puzzle.

More words, crossed and otherwise, whenever I feel like it apparently.

Puzzle: Freestyle #28
Rating: XW-14A


oeuftete said...

Nice one. I found the NW brutal, even with 15A right away. I had the last 7 letters of 17A for a long time, but really wanted the cross with 7D to be a different letter.

Evan said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Peter!

Tough puzzle today. I got rolled by having REROLLED instead of RERAISED (was thinking of craps instead of cards). 35-Down is a really ballsy entry -- and it being next to 34-Down is awesome.

jefe said...

38D dupes the clue for 35D. Tough puzzle! Had difficulty getting started, and lots of unfamiliar words/names. Loved 1A and 48A!

Jeff G. said...

Congrats on the Puzzle of the Month from Gaffney on Crosswords! Keep the good stuff coming!