Tuesday 27 November 2012

Move It On Over

Yikes, only one puzzle left after today!  I'm of course hoping to make it extra special, but then I don't really have any good ideas as to how I'm going to do that yet.  Plus, I'll be moving into my new apartment next weekend, so time will be tight.  Super stoked on that; I've been living in houses with roommates for the last 4+ years, so it will be nice to have my own space for a change.

Just another freestyle this week.  Quite tough, if you ask me.

Parting words, crossed and otherwise, next Tuesday.

Puzzle: Freestyle #23
Rating: XW-PG
Difficulty: Quite tough

1 comment:

e.a. said...

love love love it. 32a, 63a, clues for 13d&14d, and so much more.