Tuesday 23 October 2012

Yee Hah

Off to Austin, Texas next Thursday for the Fun Fun Fun Fest.  To be honest, I couldn't name five out of the hundreds of acts that are performing there, but that's not for their lack of popularity.  I know Run-DMC are going to be there, as well as David Cross from Arrested Development and Saul Williams.  I scanned the list a little while back and remember being impressed.  Really, though, my interest in the music is secondary to my interest in flying to Texas to stay in a small house and dig some live jams with 13 other people (most of whom are friends of friends I've never met).

Oh, by the way, I just googled some of the acts: Girl Talk, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Explosions in the Sky, Santigold, Deerhoof (how could I forget!), Refused, Tomahawk (hells yeah), Against Me!, Fucked Up, Converge, Air Sex Championship (wut? actually, that's on the spoken word/performance art stage.  I don't think that's a band).

Anyway, for next week, the plan is to release a set of two puzzles, which will cover the next two weeks.  They might go up a little later than usual, but they'll be 15x15 complementary, themed puzzles so hopefully they'll be worth the wait.

For this week, I promised you a theme, so here's a theme.  Actually, I promised you a cool theme, but you'll have to settle for mediocre but kinda cute.

Grid was a bear to fill, I was surprised to find.  It necessitated bumping the black square count a little high and settling for some bleh fill.  I guess this kind of theme entry arrangement is not to be taken lightly, although I'm sure Patrick Berry could have done it in a 36/76 without the cheater squares.

More words, crossed and otherwise, next Tuesday.

Puzzle: Squares Away
Rating: XW-14A (for tasteless puns mostly, rather than actual adult content)
Difficulty: Tried to make it measium and cute


Howard B said...

Hey, that's a pretty cool concept!

Have a great trip, and enjoy the music, the company, and the experience.

e.a. said...

holy shit, so cool. also, 15-across, great.