Tuesday 7 August 2012

It's OK to Pick Your Nose if it's Sunburned and Peeling

Spent the entire long weekend (for some reason, yesterday was "Saskatchewan Day," so we all had the day off) up at Good Spirit Lake with my best mates. Weather was perfect: sunny and hot for the most part, but it rained just enough for me to dust off my old boy scout skillz and whip up a shelter out of a few tarps, some twine, and the trees. I love camping, but it's one of those things that I never think to just go and do, so I only end up doing it when it's planned as an event like this. The best part about camping is that, although you may not do that much in a day, all of your routine tasks takes a lot longer than you're used to and they feel like huge accomplishments. Preparing an edible meal and cleaning up afterward, brewing coffee, shaving and freshening up, getting in and out of bed, etc. They all get their moment in the sun when you're camping; for that one weekend they're not merely requisite chores to be grudgingly performed, they're all of a sudden sources of struggle, challenge, achievement, and personal satisfaction. If you're up and active with a breakfast in your belly and caffeine in your brain by 10am, it's already been a successful day.

Whilst kicking it by the fire, I also had the pleasure of double- and triple-teaming a good number of Martin Ashwood-Smith's Triple Stack Crosswords with a few of my puzzling buddies, which same buddies also inspired and offered a few ideas for the clues on my puzzle for this week. Give it up one time for Drew Lawn, Steven Buchan, and Keegan Downie, everybody.

Can't wait to sleep in my own bed again, so I gotta go.

More words, crossed and otherwise, along with a guest puzzle, next Tuesday.

Puzzle: Themeless #16

Rating: XW-PG13

Difficulty: Sorta difficult, but not as tough as last week

Download the PDF file here and the PUZ file here, or solve or download the Across Lite puzzle and/or software from the embedded app below.


Howard B said...

Thought this one was quite tough. But it fell!

At the risk of being an enabler,
"Saskatchewan Day" is 15 letters long. Sounds like a great occasion for impromptu vacation.

And yes, camping coffee of any type tastes better, for some reason. I think the taste is inversely proportional to the distance from the next-nearest available cup.

Bananarchy said...

And SASKATCHEWANDAY just went in the wordlist. Should be inferrable with the right clue. Good call, Howard!

jefe said...

6D is wrong - there are 1.6 x 10^-19 Joules in a (6D), not the other way around.

Bananarchy said...

Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out - should have double-checked that one.